Wholesale Tanning Lamps

If a low price is important to you, you need to search for wholesale tanning lamps when it comes time to replace your tanning bed lamps. Replacing tanning lamps can become quite expensive – especially if you own a tanning salon! Wholesale tanning lamps companies are easy to find, and the savings you see will be quite dramatic.

The easiest way to find the wholesale companies is to start your search online. There are many reputable companies to choose from – each offering low prices and a variety of other benefits. By shopping at an online wholesale store, you may find that you can save as much as 50%! When you have to buy a lot of lamps that is a remarkable savings.

Most wholesale stores will sell lamps for all makes and models of tanning beds. If a good wholesale store doesn’t carry the lamp you need, they will often order it for you. Even though you are not making your purchase through a tanning bed dealer, it is important to deal with a tanning bed supply company, or lamp wholesaler, who will offer you a guarantee.

Many wholesale companies will sell you one or two lamps, however, they like to deal in bulk sales – and this desire saves you money. Buying in bulk is always the cheapest option. Bulbs do not generally ‘go bad’ over time, so don’t be afraid to buy a case of lamps. A case of lamps usually contains twenty four bulbs.

All-in-all, there is really no reason to pay the higher dealer prices for your lamps. The wholesale tanning lamps that you buy will be the same brand of lamps that you can buy from the dealer. In fact, they will be the exact lamps….where do you think the dealer orders their lamps? Through the wholesale companies of course!

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