Tanning Bed Replacement Parts

Tanning beds, like most electronic equipment, eventually need tanning bed replacement parts. Finding the tanning bed replacement parts for your particular tanning bed, however, may not be easy – especially if you have an older bed. Don’t despair! The parts that you need are out there – you just have to find them!

Lamps burn out and must be replaced often. All owners of tanning beds need to know how to change the lamps. Lamps can be purchased through wholesale companies at reasonable prices – especially if they are purchased in bulk.

Fans often stop working. Again, these can be purchased through a wholesaler at a reasonable price. You should be able to install these fans by removing a few screws and plugging the new fan into the system. If the new fan doesn’t work, the problem may not have been the fan, but the wiring. In this case, a repairman must be called.

Acrylic shields are other replacement parts that are available. These aren’t all that cheap, but they are easy to replace. The acrylic becomes scratched which allows more UV rays and heat to seep through. This is a dangerous condition for the tanner, and should be attended to immediately! Acrylic shields can also be ordered through wholesale companies.

Finding replacement parts for older beds may be more difficult. Your best option is to contact the manufacturer directly. You may end up paying a little more for the parts as the bed becomes older and is no longer manufactured, but as long as the bed is still in great shape, this expense is usually well worth it.

Most tanning bed replacement parts are reasonably priced, and can be easily replaced by the owner of the tanning bed – without calling a repairman. The directions for changing many parts are available in most owners’ manuals. If you can’t find instructions for changing various parts out, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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