Solar Storm Tanning Beds: Models, Prices and Features

Solar Storm tanning beds are manufactured by the American company, Sun Technologies. The brand is a popular name in the sunbed industry and the company offers various models and sizes of these beds to accommodate various types of users.

Solar Storm tanning beds are offered both for salon use and private use. Some of the models under the brand include the 16r series, the 24 series with and without arm and face tanners, 24c, 28c, 32c, 36, 40 and 40.3. Each series have different features and a different target market. The 16r, for one, is targeted at bigger and taller people; with dimensions bigger and wider than most brands offered in the market.

One of the most popular models offered by Sun Technologies is the 24R with arm and face tanners. This model features a tunnel design which completely surrounds the user to provide an even, all-over tan. The bed has 12 lamps in the bench of the bed, six dual facial lamps and six arm lamps. It also features aluminum reflectors for maximum tanning efficiency and power and acrylic sheets for a faster, darker tan.

Just like the 16r, this model is delivered to the purchaser with 98 percent of the parts preassembled. A ten-year powertrain extended warranty on electric components comes with the product while the frame of the bed carries a standard lifetime warranty. The dimension of the 24 series’ tanning surface is 78”x34”. An optional AM/FM/CD player is also on offer. The model’s electrical requirements are 1-220 VOLT dedicated circuit, 1-20 AMP circuit breaker and 1-20 AMP NEMA #6-20 receptacle. The 24R has a regular retail price of $3,242.

The 24R without arm and face tanners has the same features as the 24R with arm and face tanners except for the number of lamps. The model that has no arm and face tanners has 24 lamps all situated in the bench of the bed and is priced at $2,972. The warranty and electronic specifications, though, are the same for both models.

Solar storm tanning beds are some of the most popular models in the suntan bed industry. The manufacturer of these beds, Sun Technologies, engineers its products for people of different sizes to ensure maximum function and comfort.

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