The Solar Storm 16r Tanning Bed: Large in Size, Big in Function

Sun Technologies, a company based in the United States, has launched the Solar Storm 16r tanning bed for bigger and taller people who wish to get a tan. The overall size of this bed is 83”x39” with a tanning surface of 78”x34”. The dimensions make the model 30 percent larger than any other suntan bed; offering more room for bigger people and providing a more even tan.

The Solar Storm 16r features a tunnel design meant to completely surround the user and provide fast, all-over tanning results. It is equipped with eight high-output lamps in the bench of the bed, four dual facial lamps and four arm lamps. High-glossed aluminum reflectors are also attached to the bed to provide maximum tanning power and efficiency. The bed has an aluminum frame and features acrylic sheets designed to provide the maximum amount of UV light.

The model’s electrical requirements include 1-110 VOLT dedicated circuit, 1-20 AMP circuit breaker and 1-standard 110 receptacle. For those who plan to purchase this tanning bed, they would be happy to know that it will be delivered with 98 percent of its parts preassembled. Sun Technologies offers a ten-year powertrain extended warranty on electric components and a standard lifetime warranty on the frame of the bed. An optional AM/FM/CD player serves as an additional feature. The product has a regular retail price of $2,699.

The 16r is the biggest model of tanning bed released by Sun Technologies so far. This model is designed to provide the user with utmost comfort and an even tan. The lamps attached to this tanning bed total 16, providing maximum amount of UV light. The warranty is far longer than those offered by other brands, signaling the company’s confidence with the model’s durability. Primarily, the tanning bed is marketed to home users.

The Solar Storm 16r suntan bed will be greatly appreciated by those who’ve had difficulties trying to make themselves fit in a regular tanning bed. This model, being the first to offer a tanning surface bigger than any in the market, has given Sun Technologies an edge over other brands. It now depends on whether consumers will consider its size worthy of its price.



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