Prices on Used Tanning Beds

Have you shopped for a new tanning bed lately? Some of the prices are out of this world – and completely out of the budgets of most of us! You can find an affordable tanning bed, however, by checking out the prices on used tanning beds. The prices on used tanning beds are indeed reasonable – and affordable.

A new tanning bed starts at about $1500, and the price goes up from there depending on the brand that you want, as well as the model and optional features that you may choose. However, a used tanning bed can usually be purchased for under $1000. Used tanning beds are usually in very good shape. The owners sell them simply to upgrade to a bed with more features. Tanning salons often upgrade and sell their old beds as well.

Companies that lease tanning beds often sell the used beds also. Usually these are sold to salons who wish to purchase beds outright, as opposed to leasing. However, they will sell the used beds to private individuals as well, if they are contacted. These companies can easily be found on the Internet if there are not any tanning bed leasing companies in your location.

The cheapest used tanning beds are typically purchased from individuals. Before making your purchase, however, make sure that you inspect the bed. Make sure that everything works. If the lamps, the fans or acrylic shields need to be replaced, go ahead and purchase the bed if it is a good price. Those items can easily and cheaply be replaced with very little effort. However, walk away from any bed that has major mechanical problems or issues. These types of repairs can often cost more than the price of a brand new bed!

As the retail prices on tanning beds continue to drop, the prices on used tanning beds will also continue to drop. Keep your eyes and ears open for great deals on used tanning beds in your area, as well as on the Internet!

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