Lease a Tanning Bed

If you are starting a tanning salon, you will need tanning beds. Unfortunately, purchasing tanning beds is a huge expense, and financing may not be a good option either. However, you should strongly consider lease a tanning bed. You can lease a tanning bed and make small affordable payments – and easily replace the beds with newer ones at the end of the lease period!

By choosing to lease your equipment, you will find that you can more easily afford higher quality equipment – which other tanning salons in your area may not be able to afford! This can serve to put you way ahead of the competition! You will also conserve your start-up and operating capital by choosing to lease, as opposed to purchasing or financing the beds and you will keep your credit lines open as well.

When you lease the tanning equipment for a business, you will be able to write the lease rental payments off on your taxes. The tax savings you see will far outweigh the depreciation deduction you would have gotten if you had purchased the beds.

Having the ability to easily replace beds is very attractive for a business owner. Often, tanning beds need to be replaced, and the owners cannot afford to shell out the funds to make those purchases. Believe it or not, worn out or broken tanning beds are the major reason that many tanning salons close up shop! However, if you lease your beds, replacing them is as easy as making a phone call in most cases. Your old beds disappear, your new beds appear, and you just continue making your lease payments as you have always done.

There are many lease a tanning bed companies around the country. These companies usually require very little down, and the lease payments are very affordable. Try to find a deal where the lease covers all needed repairs to the bed. Also make sure that at the end of the lease period, you will be able to exchange the old beds for newer ones – without putting up another deposit. The lease payments will vary, depending on the quality of the beds.

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